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godgavemecable's Journal

My whole life is creepy

Toby Logan
1 January
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  • godgavemecable@livejournal.com
Voicemail: 555-LSTNSamKenziKateScullyPetra

Room: 527 w/ Jace Wayland
Big Sibling: Claudia Donovan
Job: Goodvalor's Little Bivoli

OOC Contact:
AIM: psychic cadet
Email: kimera at gmail dot com

"The secret isn't hearing people's thoughts. The secret is making it stop."

what does god hear?
lots of people pleading for help all at once

Spring 2012:
So You're a Fugitive From Justice / Polar Opposites

Fall 2011:
Basic Strategy: Making the Most of What You Have / Ethics

Summer 2011 Session 2:
Cooking For Beginners / Cupcake War Crimes, Take 2

Summer 2011 Session 1:
Destiny & Free Will / Try Not to Die!!

Hearing Voices | Foster Kid | Telepathy | Blessed With Suck/Cursed With Awesome | Mysterious Past
keeping secrets, not being johnny lamejob, solving crime, telepathy, turnip juice